Abi Mitchell

Abi Mitchell, LCPC

To leave a confidential voicemail in Abi's mailbox, you can call her directly at: (630) 405-7263.

We live in a fast-paced, complex society, oftentimes alongside a very demanding culture. In addition to the incredible pressure to succeed, it also creates unique challenges to living fully; finding meaning and joy in work, family and friendships.

As a counselor in private practice for the past 9 years I have seen the cultural and economic landscape change, and the pressure this has put on those already struggling; especially young families. As a result I have specialized my practice to work with many of the problems and issues that have arisen as a result of this changing climate.

​My area of specialization also includes working with people who experience chronic pain and illness and its impact on daily living. I utilize a variety of techniques to treat it, including meditation, guided imagery, stress-management, self-acceptance, and positive coping skills. I have given presentations at local colleges on dealing with chronic conditions, as well as eating disorders.

​My services also include consulting with small businesses, institutions, and facilities that are looking to improve their communications and enhance their management and leadership skills. Job frustration, burn-out, and employer/employee interpersonal conflict are problem areas for many groups, one that can easily be managed with the help of a trained and licensed counselor in the field.