Individual and Family Therapy for Children & Adolescents

Oasis Mental Health provides specialized Child & Adolescent Counseling Services by clinicians who have been extensively trained to provide diagnostic and therapy services to children, adolescents, and their families.

Child Psychologists receive specialized training in child development, child and adolescent mental health as well as physical and neurological health, and child, adolescent, and family therapy. They have practicum and internship experiences with a strong focus on children and adolescents.

How This Specialty Can Help You and Your Child

Child Psychologists offer both individual and family counseling to support the child and the parent(s) in their home environment. Specialized child & adolescent therapy typically increases communication, cooperation, and coping skills and reduces conflict. At Oasis, we also offer Play Therapy and Sand Tray therapy to help children communicate and express their feelings in meaningful ways.

Besides the immediate family, a Child Psychologist also works closely with other people in the child or adolescent’s environment, such as teachers, pediatricians, school counselors or school social workers, guardians ad litem, and prescribing physicians (psychiatrists), to provide the best possible care with the consistency children need.

Some of our areas of expertise include (high conflict) divorce situations including parent alienation, anxiety and mood problems, angry, aggressive, or defiant behaviors, inattention and/or impulsivity, family conflict, problems in school, difficulty communicating, fears and phobias, self-injury and/or suicidal ideation, and exposure to trauma (i.e., death or illness, violence, abuse).

Specialized interventions may help resolve the difficulties your children or adolescents are facing, reverse a negative cycle they may find themselves in, and increase understanding and coping skills on both ends.

​For more information about our clinicians' backgrounds and expertise, please click here to read our bios. You may also call our office for more information or to schedule an appointment: (630) 256-8007.

​Please also check out Laura Langes' Pinterest board with ideas for play and craft activities, parenting resources, as well as Child and Adolescent and trauma therapy resources.